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      Product description

      Product name: KN95 Disposable ParticulateRespirator

      Model: M01005

      Product use: This is used to cover theuser’s mouth and nose to protect against airborne particles such as dust,pollen, smoke and droplets, 95% filtration efficiency.

      Production date: see package. Expirationdate 2 years.

      Storage: The product shall be stored in anormal temperature, dry and clean environment.

      Notice: Do not use the product if theproduct is damaged, damped or contaminated. This product is single-use only andcannot be reuse.

      Made in China


      ? Face the mask against the chin, the noseband should be uppermost.

      ? Put on the mask, place the elastic earstraps around the ears. The mask should cover the mouth, nose and chin.

      ? Press the nose band on the both side withfingers, make sure it fit the nose bridge.

      ? Put your hands lightly on the mask, airshould not leak from the side of the mask.

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